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Sulla Sardegna

Sardinia Holidays



Photo SARDINIA has an extraordinary coastline of fine white sandy beaches, hidden coves and caves, sheer cliffs eroded by the wind, picturesque rocks rising from a clean sparkling sea and it has some of the most unspoilt sceneries in Europe. Also called the 'Island of light', it lies to the South of Corsica, West of Italy and has a population of 1,700,000 lives in an area of 24,000 square kilometers (9,300 square miles). Although the weather is predominantly sunny, tourism on its shores is relatively new as in the past the inhabitants lived inland, to keep away from coastal invaders. For thousands of years this Island in the middle of the Mediterranean stood on the side of main historical events, remaining a singular world to itself and shaping a unique character as well as for its inhabitants. Even the Romans found it a difficult place to subdue. There are 7,000 Nuraghi fortresses, some 4,000 years old. The capital city of Cagliari is twice as old as Rome.

Photo The flora is made mainly of a low covering varieties of broom and heather and small thick stands of mastic, strawberry trees, wild olive and citrus. The woodland covering only a fifth of the territory includes oak, holly oak, chestnut and cork woods.

A characteristic element in Sardinian wildlife is the presence of the monk seal and the moufflon or wild goat which, together with the Sardinian sparrow, are found only in this region. Deer and foxes have developed individual characteristics so divergent from those of the species that they are regarded as purely Sardinian.

Summer lasts for half of the year and Spring is a very pleasant time to visit as everything is in bloom. The almost constant breeze makes even the hot months of July and August pleasant, the swimming season lasts from May through November.

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