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Full satellite tv service

Each property has a satellite television and some have Sky or other providers for extra choices of channels in many languages.

Telephone and email

Telephone is provided in some villas, with Isdn lines for internet use. Ask us about the telephone before you arrive. Emails can be downloaded in our offices or at the Aquarium restaurant area.

A chef in your own villa, food to bought to your villa, catering for a party

We can provide for a cook or a chef in your own villa, or bring food or catering for a dinner party for you, as we own a large restaurant on location: the Aquarium, see

Hire a musical band to come for a party in your villa

We can also provide musicians or even a full band to your villa for a private function or party. Just send us an email for information. Costs start from Eur 120 only, for a night for a single musician.

The Aquarium Restaurant for functions, parties, gatherings, meetings

The Aquarium Restaurant for functions, parties, gatherings, meetings. We are open every night and Sunday Lunch as well. All year. Please enquire at